3-on-3 Basketball at Grand Park Fieldhouse


Jonathan Byrd’s Fieldhouse is proud to host 3-on-3 basketball leagues for players in grades 3-10. Primetime Basketball staff and referees assist each team with subbing and rules, but the real strategy is in the players’ hands.

  • Grades 3-10
  • Recommended Teams of 5
  • Where: Jonathan Byrd’s Fieldhouse
  • Cost: $300 per team

Players take control of the game in our fun 3-on-3 environment. Without a designated coach, team members have to work together in a whole new way—both on the court and off.

3-on-3 basketball provides players with a different experience than typical 5-on-5 play. They’re able to get the ball in their hands more often, and they’re challenged to develop a variety of new skills during game play. This competitive setting gives players and teams a real edge on all the offensive/defensive principles of basketball.

Basic League Rules

  1. Roster can carry as many as 6 players
  2. Each team plays 2 games each week (in a single hour time block)
    1. 5 Regular Season Weeks (10 games)
    2. 1 Playoff Week (for end-of-season tournament)
  3. Games play is a 16-minute running clock, with a 5-minute break between the two games
  4. Primetime staff and referees assist with rules and subbing—the rest is up to you!

Ready to play? Contact Evan Suttner at esuttner@grandparkfh.com or (317) 763-1502 for more information on individual and/or team sign-ups. We hope to see you soon!